It is Japanese word that means “improvement” or “continuous improvement”.

Kaizen can be done by a single or group of persons, in there work or in machine function .

It has a scope of involvement from ,CEO level to line worker, the moto is to change conventional methodology by a new productive idea ,it may be in the form of some physical change in machine, it may be in the form of mentally change of workmanship, or conceptually change in methodology. You can do kaizen in, the way you read, the way you write, you walk, you talk .You can do kaizen in dustbin utilisation on shopfloor, or in missile launch process. The thing is improvement.

In our life, things we do, in our work place work we do, every where there is always a scope of change or improvement is present. It is like if we want result 5 ,then method will be 3+2, 4+1, 10-5 or 7-2. There are lots of ways for same result , but matter is convenience, what suitable most ,what profitable most. Kaizen demands more ,you achieve result 5 by addition, subtraction or multiplication, but Kaizen is in the source of your operation.That ,what you are using for a result fingers, paper and pencil or calculator. Kaizen demands calculator and even demands more.

Kaizen always challenges a human (or worker in organisation) for creativity, so many organisation offers awards for a good kaizen and maintain kaizen gallaries to motivate others for active participation.


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