5 S – a basic good habit for an organisation

5 S – a basic good habit for an organisation 

This is a more frequent word we hear in manufacturing industries.

This word not welcome discipline in our industrial life, but also in our personal life.

So, what is 5s.

Basic definition

There are 5 basic Japanese words ,that starts with letter “S”






For more convenient in English, we can term it as,






Now I will describe it one by one.

1 S – Seiri or Sorting Out

At our work place categories items nearby you according to your frequency of need.So sort which items you more need, which items you need later and which items you never need.

The items you need more frequently keep into your reach or make it easily accessible.

The items you rarely need or need after some time make a distance space  for them.

The items you identified as useless, scrap or can be convertible (utilize) into other  place ,job or items , place it away from work place .From where it can be scrap or utilize by others.

           2S – Seiton or Systematic Arrangement

After identifying the items you need more frequently place it in proximity from you or workplace.

It reduces time to reach things you need, same time it reduces your effort to find out the items .This will help to fill you work in systematic manner , and more professional. This will increase your output and your performance with less efforts.

Besides your professional life ,it also improves your personal life at your home place .Using it the space can be properly utilizes.

3 S – Spic and Span

After arranging all items in a proper main follow 3s ,that means keep our workplace neat and clean.Make habit , before start your work ,daily clean your equipment,tools and space.

This habit will feel you pleasant while working, it also helps in maintain safe work condition.

We very much know about importance of neat and cleanliness in our personal life.It keeps our home health-wise good, so it keeps us at our work place safety and good.

4 S – Seiketsu or Standardization

It means convert your work place into standard well maintained area. Standardization means make items, easily identified with easily accessible.

For that put labels on items to describe it uses, assembly or required sequence.

This is a best in our home kitchen ,tagging name labels on bins, container.

At work place it reduces our time to search items you need, as if you are new at that place no matter.

5 S – Shitsuke or Self Discipline 

As you come across all above 4s , now make it your habit by self discipline.If you cant force yourself to maintain all, the best practice as generally used by major organisation is a cross audit.

Cross audit is ,allow person from other department to examine your work place according to 1s to 4s. This will help you to find-out your loops and keeps you in discipline.

Organisations puts penalties and rewards for 5S maintenance.That puts organisation in well cultured environment and definitely results in raise productivity.



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